Everyone depends on affordable electricity


TeacherEvery day all of us across the West – every family, every business, every school and every hospital – rely on the power of electricity.  But for some people, higher electricity bills could make for tough choices, such as families being forced to cut back on essentials like groceries, school districts sacrificing investments in needed resources like additional teachers, and businesses not being able to invest in new employees and new technology.


Across its operations, Tri-State’s board and staff are making a concerted effort and focused dedication to preserving the value of affordable electricity that plays such a crucial role in our lives.


The term affordability means different things to different people within different contexts.  To Tri-State, our 44 member cooperatives and their 1.5 million consumers, it means protecting the cost-effective, reliable source of electricity that we have today – a product that our homes, businesses, communities and economy depend on every day.


Affordability refrigeratorAffordable electric power is a key part of the economic foundation of the rural communities we serve.  In the environmental and regulatory arenas, there are myriad pending issues and potential actions that could seriously impact our ability to continue to produce and deliver affordable electricity in the future.


We have developed several strategies aimed at successfully navigating a number of challenges on the horizon, including:


  • Investing in technology solutions that support affordable electric power.
  • Addressing unreasonable regulatory and policy threats that can unnecessarily increase consumer costs.
  • Preserving all generation technology and fuel options that support affordability.
  • Communicating broadly about the value and importance of affordability and building support for an affordability agenda.
  • Protecting and promoting the cooperative business model’s role in the context of affordability.



FamilyWe’re working hard to address the challenges that potentially could threaten affordable electricity.  As a not-for-profit co-op, we’re committed to protecting consumers today and in the future by providing affordable power while investing in innovation – today and for years to come.






Updated: December 20, 2011




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