Renewable Energy



Balancing Power Resources with the Environment


Tri-State G&T and its members support the cleanest resources possible in the production of its electricity supply, showing commitment to protecting the land and environment that its consumers depend on.


Tri-State has had a board policy in place since 1971 to comply with all applicable environmental laws, rules, regulations and permits that apply to its operations.  Tri-State's commitment to environmental excellence begins with a clear commitment from management.  Several years ago, Tri-State implemented an Environmental Management System (EMS) in order to help achieve environmental compliance, enhance strategic planning and promote environmental stewardship.  The comprehensive EMS guides Tri-State’s activities and ensures compliance in a systematic approach that accomplishes environmental goals and keeps facilities running efficiently. 


State of the art environmental controls have been installed and are in operation at all of Tri-State’s power plants, allowing the facilities to meet or exceed federal and state clean-air and clean water standards.  Waste management activities also require sophisticated management systems in order to ensure cost effective compliance with all applicable environmental laws and regulations.


As part of our EMS, Tri-State routinely conducts independent self-evaluations of its facilities to ensure our environmental practices meet or exceed regulatory requirements.  Tri-State has designed its power system to operate and remain environmentally sound, while meeting present and future electricity needs. 


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