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Tri-State is well positioned to maintain a comparatively low-cost, reliable supply of electricity to its 43 member systems for the foreseeable future. Like most major power suppliers, Tri-State focuses on both the present and future power requirements of its members that ultimately deliver the power to end-use consumers. The association has added new energy resources to its generation mix in the past few years and more are being planned or currently under construction.


Tri-State's owned and contracted portfolio of electric energy is derived from coal, natural gas and oil-fired and combustion turbine generation facilities located throughout its four-state member service territory. The G&T owns and operates plants in Colorado and New Mexico, and it receives a share of power from plants in Arizona, New Mexico and Wyoming.


The association purchases federal hydropower from the Western Area Power Administration, in addition to energy from other renewable energy sources such as wind power, small hydropower and biomass.




Tri-State's Energy Breakdown



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