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Big Sandy-Lincoln-Midway Transmission Improvement Project




Transmission constructionTri-State is currently modifying and upgrading the existing 79-mile Big Sandy–Lincoln–Midway 230-kilovolt transmission line. The project area includes portions of Colorado’s El Paso, Elbert and Lincoln counties.


The upgrades will occur within the existing transmission right-of-way (ROW), on an existing transmission line. The voltage and configuration will remain unchanged as a single circuit 230-kV transmission line. The project will raise the conductor wire to provide additional ground clearance.  This will involve raising some poles, replacing some poles, adding cross bracing and some cross arms on the remaining poles to increase ground clearance, and installation of an overhead optical groundwire. 


This project is currently under construction and is anticipated to be completed by March 2012.


More detailed project information can be found at the Project Overview link below.





Project Benefits


This project will:


  • Upgrade the Big Sandy–Lincoln–Midway 230-kV transmission line for operation at the higher thermal limit and increase overall structural integrity of the line.
  • Increase reliability of the Tri-State transmission system.
  • Decrease the economic risk of extended outages caused by catastrophic failures



Tri-State is requesting the RUS to provide financial assistance for the proposed project.  An EA has been prepared, which enabled the RUS to evaluate the environmental effects of the proposed project for compliance with the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA).  The EA includes a description of the project, the need for the project, an analysis of the affected environment and potential effects to the natural and human environment, mitigation, and monitoring measures. The RUS has found that the project will have no significant impact to the natural or human environment and has issued a "Finding of No Significant Impact" for the project.



For project-specific questions, please contact: Diana Leiker at 303-254-3565 or


Updated January 3, 2012




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